Five Startups that Stood Out at Y Combinator’s Latest Demo Day

Y Combinator is well known for its successful startup incubation platform. Demo Day is a special day when all the companies incubated by Y Combinator present their ideas to a group of investors. Recently, on the Demo Day held in August, 85 startups- one of the largest groups ever incubated at Y Combinator got an opportunity to sell their ideas. A number of startups stood out and we had a tough time selecting five to introduce here. It had to be done, so here is a list of five startups that caught our attention.


Beep has created a WiFi device which connects all your speakers. The music is synchronized, so you will not to set up the system again when you go to a new room. You can also control the volume from one place. All this is enabled from a Beep app that works on Android and iOS. It works with Pandora and the company is currently trying to get other music services on board.

Bayes Impact

Think nonprofit and data science. That is Bayes Impact for you. The company has created a model that uses data science to solve the world’s social challenges. The team selects a number of feasible and high impact challenges and turns them over to a group of ‘fellows’ who then come up with solutions to solve that issue.

A large number of companies around the world want to help solve social issues as part of their CSR but they are cautious. While they want to make a change, they also want their spending to show results. Bayes Impact assists such companies to select projects and also provide a channel to enable them to spend.


BitAccess has developed ATMs to buy/sell Bitcoins. If the cryptocurrency takes off, BitAccess stands to make a lot of money making ATMs that tender Bitcoins. The Bitcoin Teller Machines (BTMs) are built with state of the art technology, including support for multiple currencies. The company’s BTMs have been installed in the multiple locations in Canada and the United States.

Product Hunt

Product Hunt can be described as a ‘Reddit for all Products’. Members can share new products they find with the Product Hunt community. These ‘finds’ can include websites, mobile apps, tech creations and hardware projects.


For those who know little or nothing about how to market on the internet, media buying can be a daunting task. Traction connects companies with experts in social media, content marketing, bloggers and media buyers, enabling them to create and run digital marketing campaigns.

The company has set up a simple three-step process that puts all the parameters in your hands. The only thing left to be done is to put the campaign on the road.

Y Combinator has mentored companies like Dropbox, OMGPop, Stripe, Airbnb and a string of others. So watch out for the Y Combinator mentored startups we have mentioned because any of them could be the next Dropbox or Heroku.

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