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Google Deletes Nude Pics

Google has announced the deletion of “tens of thousands” of celebrity nude photos. The photographs were deleted within hours of a request being made. The action was taken after a threat by Hollywood entertainment lawyer Mary Singer to sue. Photos had been published on social media sites such as YouTube, Google+ and Blogspot all owned by Google. Some have also appeared on Reddit and 4Chan. The images were removed once Google received valid DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) requests.

Tesla Autonomous by 2015

Tesla co-founder Elon Musk has stated to CNN’s Rachel Crane that the driverless car could be 90% autonomous on highways sometime during 2015. A combination of sensors will enable the Tesla to drive 90% on autopilot without driver intervention.

BadUSB Attack Code Made Public

Two years ago Karsten Kohl demonstrated BadUSB to the audience at the Black Hat conference in Vegas. This showed how it was possible to invade any USB device with undetectable malware. He did not, however, release the code to the public. Now that’s changed: colleagues Adam Caudill and Brandon Wilson have reverse engineered the code and made it public. The reason they claimed for doing for this is to publicize the fact that USB devices are reprogrammable, and to initiate work on devising security to protect USB devices from this type of threat.

$17 million in Series B Funding for Glow

Glow is a fertility app that helps women to become pregnant. It does so by figuring the best conditions and time for conception based on factors such as hormonal activity, body mass index, menstruation and sexual activity. While you might think the last mentioned there is an essential factor, the goal is to help couples save money on expensive IVF treatment.

This new funding, led by Formation 8, raises Glow’s startup funding to almost $23 million. This injection of cash involved Joe Lonsdale of Formation 8 joining the board along with Brian Singerman (Founders Fund) and Nellie Levchin (HVF.)

Yodlee Priced at $12 per Share

Yodlee, the financial cloud company, has priced its initial offering at $12/share. The IPO will raise around $75M at this offer price. This price will also value the Redwood City based company at around $340 million. All 62.5million shares were sold at the offering.

Other News:

  • Earlier, YouTube announced that it will be funding new content from its top video creators. The investment made to improve YouTube has worked wonders on what started as a platform for grainy home-made videos. The professionalism is there for everybody to see, and Google believes it appropriate to fund those that make great videos.
  • Microsoft has announced the closure of its research lab in Mountain View CA. The company announced the loss of 2,100 jobs worldwide on September 18, and the 50 jobs involved here is part of that. Of total job losses, 160 are in California with 747 in Washington State. The company still employs 2,500 in the general Bay area.
  • In common with Microsoft, Yahoo is also laying off employees. 59 employees are affected in its San Diego area (Carlsbad) office in line with its policy to move its operations to LA.
Majority Female Venture Capital Firm Closes Record $500M Fund

The largest ever venture capital fund raised predominantly by females was closed in June of this year. The VC fund of $500 was raised by Oak Investment Partners new launch: OakHC/FT – a venture growth fund specializing in investing in healthcare information and services (HC) and in financial services technology …

Los Angeles Bred Tech Companies are Giving Stiff Competition to their Cousins in Silicon Valley

If you thought Silicon Valley is the hub of all the tech action in Southern California, think again. Startups based in Los Angeles and Santa Monica, both of which are only a few hours away from Silicon Valley have cornered a sizable chunk of the funding pie. Their success has …

Jessica Alba Led Start Up Snaps up $70 million in Venture Capital Funding

Hollywood stars are stereotyped as actors and not as businessmen. Now that view is changing thanks to a crop of young actors who are getting involved in a slew of business activities including startups. A number of celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Justin Bieber, Jared Leto have launched businesses or are …